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Daniel P Brown: His book recommendations

This page is probably only relevant to those interested in Daniel P Brown, the late meditation teacher, and to those interested in the tradition of the Pointing Out the Great Way Foundation. You can find more about these on my website.

This short "pith webpage" collates all book recommendations for students by Daniel P Brown and some of his teachers

  • for supporting meditative progress, and in particular,

  • for understanding and deepening the content and orientation of the POGW retreats.

It is hopefully a list that gives at least the bare bones of the original literature that influenced the retreats.


  • The list has no guarantee of completeness; there may be a recommendation that I overlooked

  • The list is not a bibliography of writings about Dan Brown, and it is not a list of Dan Brown´s books.

Source: Dan Brown´s recommendations in a podcast

Source: Dustin diPerna (Esalen website)

Source: Dan Brown, Ecowraps website

For Level 2 Retreat

For Level 3a Retreat

For Level 4 Retreat

Source: me

Ok, I want to throw my two suggestions in. Dan Brown recommended his own "Pointing Out the Great Way" and his translation "Self-Arising Threefold Enlightenment". Both are wonderful, and I jumped into the midst of Bon as a cold start, with a more or less empty mind. Except Culadasa....see below. And, "Pointing Out the Great Way" is for the theory-minded. Now I know that Dan Brown in the retreats would always point out "´s just a concept..". Which is a valid feedback in the context of Mahamudra training. But the book is tremendously packed with all the concepts the great Mahamudra masters had devised.

So, I would add

  • Culadasa (John Yates) "The Mind Illuminated" as a most thorough and fascinating guide to concentration meditation. It too uses the Elephant Path, as does Dan Brown for this part of his training. Dan Brown et al even published a book with this name. I was tremendously helped with the fast-track of the Level 1 Retreat concentration training in 2.5 days .

Culadasa, & Immergut, M. (2017). The Mind Illuminated: A Complete Meditation Guide Integrating Buddhist Wisdom and Brain Science for Greater Mindfulness. Hay House Uk.

as free audio:


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