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Daniel P Brown, Pointing Out the Great Way Foundation: Index to websites

a foto of daniel p brown
Daniel P Brown, deceased 2022

(as of 2023.12.2023)

This is a short post for people interested in Daniel P Brown´s Pointing Out the Great Way (POGW) foundation and the related archived and current websites.

Due to the Foundation's somewhat controversial history, as of October 2023 there are now four websites related to the original POGW website, as well as the Australian Bon Foundation website.

A short overview of the history of the transition from POGW to Mustang Bon Foundation is here.

The POGW precursor website (ca 2008-2010)

This website was Dan Brown´s website under his name: Daniel P Brown Associates.

The original Daniel P Brown Pointing Out the Great Way website

This is the original website domain.  However, now  is largely empty, but it promises to provide a legacy of Dan Brown´s work.

Of this website, there is an older copy on the web archive:

During Dan Brown´s lifetime, this website held his offer:

  • Retreats descriptions and signup

  • Introductory theory

  • Access to recorded material of the "Living Meditations"

A similarly named explanatory website

Mustang Bon Foundation created this website for the sole purpose of explaining the transition to Mustang Bon Foundation.

Mustang Bon Foundation hold the copyright for the name “Pointing Out the Great Way”. 

The Mustang Bon Foundation website

This website is the site of the Mustang Bon Foundation, which is the new name of the original Daniel P Brown "for profit" Pointing Out the Great Way Foundation.

The Australian Bon Mustang Foundation website

In Australia, there is another related website. As of Dec 2023, Daniel P Brown is still listed here as a teacher.


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