Daniel P Brown makes various enemies

This is about Dr. Daniel P Brown. He died in April 2022.

Through Dr. Brown's Level 1 Mahamudra retreat, in February 2021 I experienced, that deep meditative and some psychedelic experiences can be very similar.

He has condensed the entire Buddhist path across traditions into a single model praised by Ken Wilber, with whom he wrote a book. He has trained with the Dalai Lama. He has translated a vast amount of Buddhist literature from Tibetan to English. He founded "Pointing Out the Great Way" to help rebuild the Tibetan traditions in Tibet. He has taught CEOs about effectiveness. He has taught meditation for 40 years. He has written and co-edited books on hypnosis and attachment theory.

What else has he done that made him an enemy of the Catholic Church, the CIA, and the Kennedy family?

His is one of the more astonishing lives. "Viel Feind, viel Ehr´" is a German proverb: you have many enemies if you have a high degree of honour. This is the case with Daniel P Brown.

Dr. Brown is a Buddhist meditation teacher with a vast background

I know Dr. Brown from an astonishing online 6-day Mahamudra retreat in Feb 2021. Already somewhat impaired by Parkinson´s disease, Dr. Brown and his team gave me a completely unexpected deep experience and shift of mind.

He is most certainly one of the lesser-known (to the public) but incredibly important figures in rescuing the Tibetan culture. A part of this is the collection of important works of the Bon tradition. His translations are shown below (the exception being "Moonbeams of Mahamudra").

My position towards some of his teachings

There is no one for whom I could muster more admiration for the lifetime achievement, and the rigour of analysis and teaching, except for Stanislav Grof.

But, as Dr. Brown himself says: "you can´t get everything right for everybody". Thus, I have some difficulty following his explanations on the dying process of the Tibetan yogi in the "Dying East and West" interview with The Stoa. In this interview, he was confronted with a highly aggressive show guest. That questioner put in doubt the miraculous rainbow death and the rebirth concepts.

Equally, his very literal view on enlightenment and re-incarnation in different roles do not hit a note in me, as in the Buddha at the Gaspump interview.

But who am I? Occasionally only an experience may be convincing enough. It is my impression that Dr. Brown is very deeply immersed in the Tibetan culture, and, given my change of assumptions after a psychedelic experience has convinced me that my beliefs are thoroughly limited.

Making the catholic church your enemy by prosecuting abusive priests

The Catholic Church is an institution set up as a safe room for child molesters. This is approximately the view of Dr. Brown (not a verbal quote but my interpretation of statements coming close to this) of the Catholic church.

He has worked as an expert in hundreds of cases on the side of victims, where Catholic priests had been accused of child molestation.

For example, he was involved in most of the cases in the semi-documentary movie "Spotlight" with Michael Keaton.

One of his last cases was the Australian Bishop George Pell. Eventually the Australian High Court quashed the initially upheld sentencing.

I have no further insight what is the truth, but if I had to bet - given that the Catholic Church is a viper´s nest of abusive and criminal behavior that remains unpunished - I give more credibility to Daniel P Brown.

Update: as of July 2022 there is another abuse related court case against Pell.

Making the CIA, the IRA and the Kennedy family your enemy by defending the assassin of Bobby Kennedy

Just in August 2021, the (alleged?) assassin of Robert Kennedy, Sirhan Sirhan, was released on parole.

This immediately raised the protest of the Kennedy family.

Parole was denied, but re-requested in 2022.

Dr Daniel P Brown may have played a big role in this, at least in the long run. for over 15 years, Dr Brown has fought for Sirhan´s rehabilitation. Why?

Dr Brown is convinced, that Sirhan Sirhan was set up, most likely by the CIA, by hypnotic techniques. Dr Brown is also an expert in clinical hypnosis, so his judgement, while I have no means to verify it, has some credibility.

His deep expertise has been acknowledged through his participation as expert in cases of child abuse of the Catholic Church (see above) and also in war crime persecutions.

Dr Brown details his side of the story in this long Youtube interview. Here he also mentions which personal consequences his involvement had: basically an attempt by the IRA to destroy him through audits.

Whatever one may believe, this is an interesting story, and a further complication of the Kennedy murder mysteries (all of which affected me...)

How to be called bullshit upon

Of course, any original head like Dr Brown may have ideas that are not everyone's taste.

One of his more controversial ideas are those about the dying process, and in particular, ways of dearh and rebirth as seen in Tibetan Buddhism.

This includes, for example, beliefs about rainbow body, and about rebirth that are founded on his 50 years of experience - but nothing else, and not always firsthand evidence.

For example, in one YouTube interview an enraged participant in quite an angry manner uttered "I call bullshit upon you all over the place" (ca 1:12 ff) .

This must have been the first time in his life when Dr Brown had to deal with this kind of aggressivity publicly . His reply, after a short pause: "Well I can't make everybody happy".

Making his own foundation an adversary

Dr Daniel P Brown was a great man. Great men are special, and can be complex. And in the end, his complexity and stubbornness led to a separation from his own foundation in a way that was not easy for anyone.

I had a personal talk with Geshe Sonam Gurung before the publication of the history what happened with the foundation. Geshe Sonam was full of praise for Dr Brown, full of gratitude, and really was sad and compassionate that this fall-out had happened.


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