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Blog disclaimer - About me

As I frequently write about mystic states, and psychedelics, I want to clarify a few points up front. So as not to be misunderstood.

Am I a Buddhist?

Am I really qualified to write all this?

The purpose of this blog

What about my psychedelic experiences?

10 books I recommend

Some good people I met

My piano improvisation I like most

Overused spiritual terms

Are these blog posts genuine, or AI generated?

Podcasts I like a lot in no particular order

All my references as of 7th October 2022

This is a scribbr-generated bibliography. Scribbr is here. I wished I had had such a tool for my 350 page master´s thesis with 400 quotations that I had to type in with a manual typewriter....

Download DOCX • 115KB

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