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Tripping Buddhists, Stoned Apes, Amanita Muscaria, Fly Agaric

Buddhism supports Stoned Ape Hypothesis!

The Buddhist Wheel of Life - Dependent Origination
The Buddhist Wheel of Life - life/

I had been searching for an illustration of how various cultures depicts our mind states. Then I happened to come across the image of the Buddhist "Wheel of Life" on a Buddhist website. The famous wheel of life is an illustration of core ideas of Buddhism.

In then looked at the detail of the wheel's outer rim. And then something dawned on me.

Look closely - it's a bit blurry!

Depiction of a monkey in a tree, eating a magic mushroom, gaining consciousness
Man-monkey eating a "fruit"

The image is meant to illustrate the third link in the famous 12 links of the chain of dependent origination : the third link is consciousness.

And this is the description of the link on the website:

Consciousness - man or monkey picking a fruit

But now, zoom in what kind of "fruit" that is:

I bet it is actually not a fruit at all. It is a mushroom. And it is clearly a very particular mushroom - it is the psychoactive amanita muscaria / fly agaric.

Here is one:

A Fly Agaric Mushroom found in Germany
Amanita Muscaia, Fly Agaric in Wiesnaden

It has the characteristic shape and the white spots. I leave it to you to verify against Google images of fly agaric.

This brings me to two points of interest.

The Fly Agaric Mushroom as the source of Buddhism (1,000 bc)

In fact, my inspection of the image had been guided by the book "The Secret Drugs of Buddhism" by Mike Crowley. He hypothesizes, that this mushroom and its ability to modify consciousness has been a significant or the most important source for Buddhism. His book is researched with great detail and many illustrations across all traditions of Buddhism.

And, as I have described in another post, for me there was no substantial difference in the two mystic experiences I had in my life: one through Ayahuasca, and one through meditation.

Since finding this illustration, I also found a few reference to "amrita"in a key work of Tibetan 16th century Buddhism.

Stoned ape hypotheses (40,000 bc)

There is an even more far-reaching hypothesis regarding the role of mushrooms for the development of human consciousness and mushrooms.

This is the famous "stoned ape hypothesis", formulated (if not under this name) by Terence and Dennis McKenna.

In this hypothesis, psychoactive mushroom have had a decisive role for the development of human consciousness, human language and human society.

Mushrooms explain, in this hypothesis, the otherwise unexplained sudden "cognitive revolution" that began 30.000 years ago.

I recommend to watch the documentary movie "Fantastic Fungi"

Paradise (1 ,000,000 + bc ?)

Now let´s go back one step more.

Do you remember Eva, who picked a forbidden fruit - a psychoactive apple - from a tree? She picked a fruit that gave her and Adam consciousness of their own state. The consequences are known!

There is something special about fruits, in particular about consciousness-raising fruits!

The Mushroom of Happiness and Good Luck

It hadn't been clear to me that the German expression "Glückspilz" (literally happyness mushroom, and also good luck mushroom) referred to amanita muscaria.

Anyway it is the mushroom of the year 2022 in Germany.


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