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"Just be" - Sam Harris just notices and Yuja Wang just plays the piano. About a weasel word.

Just be. Just notice. Just rest in the view. Just this. Just do it (oops..). About the use of the word "just..". by spiritual teachers.

Sam Harris just notices

I once just did a Sam Harris word cloud of his Daily Meditations in the Waking Up app. "Just notice" ranked top. Actually, he has ca 120+ meditations to teach the just noticing.

A wordcloud of Sam Harris vocabulary in "Daily Meditations"

At that point, I just noticed that it's always the long-term meditators with 30-40 years experience in various traditions who ask others to just be. And they spend a considerable amount of words on it.

Yuja Wang just plays the piano

It reminds me of just how easy playing the piano at the level of Yuja Wang is:

🎹 Just hit the right keys with the right fingers at the right speed at the right time. Simple! 🎹

Ok, in her case, additionally with just the right outfit.

Anyway, what I just wrote was just mind. Forget it and instead, just listen, because after all, she just plays.

And some pointers on just how she plays in this insane way:

Daniel P Brown teaches to just not meditate

And here is a 700+ page equivalent of "just be" meditation training at the level of Yuja Wang´s piano virtuosity. it´s also called "The meditation of non-meditation", where you extremely skilfully manage to not meditate.

Or download here:

Daniel P Brown Dissertation 1981
Download PDF • 39.78MB

Btw I used the word cloud generator appropriately named "" . Just great!

Btw: "just" is just a weasel-word "(David Chapman)


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