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Dropping the Self - Sam Harris Daily Meditation 2022.12.03

Sam Harris

You look for the center and it drops away. And then there's experience of only the world or only consciousness, however you want to think about it.... Where are you that you can observe a thought as a thought?

This meditation is again quite simple and complex at the same time. Essentially, Sam Harris tries to point out that everything we experience is necessarily an appearance in the space of awareness.

That includes the sense of being a Self (a center) of experience. The sense of wanting to achieve anything. The sense of localisation, or acting from a center.

And everything that appears to a Self, cannot be the Self. That includes the sense of being a Self. So where and what is the Self? Is there one? That´s the recurring question.

So why is this meditation complex? It is complex because in one 10 minute meditation it combines what Daniel P Brown called "Stages of Meditation".

These 4/5 stages are a sequence of insights building on each other. Each stage represents a "going beyond", or change of point of view, perspective or "base of (mental) operation".

Meditation stages (Daniel P Brown)

Here, in short, are the "Going beyond" steps in sequence (look them up here for more detail):

  1. Going beyond thought: switch to see thoughts objects rather be identified with thoughts

  2. Going beyond Self: recognising that also the sense of Self (or center) is just an appearance in awareness-space

  3. Going beyond space and time: recognising the boundaryless and timeless nature of awareness-space

  4. Going beyond localization and consciousness: dropping any sense of acting from a point of view - there is only experience

  5. Going beyond information process and particularization / partializing. This last stage is mentioned by Dan Brown only occasionally.

Sam Harris´s complex meditation

In the meditation, Sam Harris steps into stages 1,2 and 4.

  • See thoughts (actually all mental events) as objects

  • Recognise the "emptiness" of Self

  • Drop the sense of being localised

So, I guess if one is unlucky, has just subscribed to Sam Harris´ meditations and encounters today´s instructions, one won´t understand a word, and rarely be able to follow any of them.

No wonder then that today´s meditation has long theoretical explanation at the end.


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