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Localisation - Sam Harris Daily Meditation 2022.12.01

Sam Harris

And if it feels to you like you are still located as a source of attention behind your face, inside your head....

Here, Sam Harris takes up the topic of "localisation" again.

Losing the sense of being a localised center of attention, and not particularising, are two important stages in Mahamudra meditation.

In this meditation, Sam Harris guides the listener through a series of imaginary viewpoints involving a vantage point within the head, and variously placed objects of perception, to let the listener experience firsthand the unconscious bias to feel like having or being the center of attention.

For example, he lets the listener check out whether awareness seems to sit above their jaw, or whether consciousness seems to sit behind the back of one´s head.

These exercises lay open a layer of implicit assumptions about the visual or kinesthetic model of the world as it relates to our sense of view.


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