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Consciousness is changeless - Sam Harris Daily Meditation 2022.11.28

Sam Harris

See if you can notice anything in your experience, a sensation, a feeling that's unpleasant. Perhaps you have a pain somewhere in your body. Or an itch. Maybe you're slightly restless. And notice whether consciousness itself is changed by the unpleasantness.

This meditation focuses on one of the qualities of consciousness: it is changeless. This is one of the three qualities that in Tibetan meditation are pointed out about consciousness: if one looks closely, it is

  • boundless

  • timeless

  • changeless

Everything appears in this "condition" (which is Sam Harris´s preferred term). The traditional analogous term for this condition is "space". Just like space is not affected by any movement of objects within it, so is consciousness always - in a preferred term, "unstained". Another term for this is the quality of luminosity that does not characterise what appears within consciousness but consciousness itself.

The recognition of this in the midst of change that we usually judge as good or bad, pleasant or unpleasant, this space-like neutral mirror-like condition is always available to us. And that is the purpose of meditation, as Sam Harris lets the student consider.


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