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Tilopa´s 6 words of advice - Sam Harris Daily Meditation 2022.10.09

The minutes you spend here are precious. Don´t let them slip into planning your day or worrying about what has happened.

This instruction reminds of a fundamental work of Mahamudra meditation: Tilopa´s. 6 words of advice.

Sam Harris uses the first to points of advice: don´t recall and don´t imagine.

Everything leads to the meditation of non-meditation.

Here is the full list:

  • Don´t recall (past)

  • Don´t imagine (future)

  • Don´t think

  • Don´t examine

  • Don´t control

  • Rest

These 6 words embody the core of Mahamudra: don´t do. Even stop doing everything that is a meditation strategy.

Tilopa´s 6 words of advice read and explained by Jayasara Samaneri

To experience this meditation, one may listen to Jayasara Samaneri providing a wonderful rendering in her meditation-voice.


Gebel, Till. (2021c, April 11). Mystic world tradition, masterfully read (for free) by Samaneri Jaiyasara. Till Gebel.

Jayasara, S. (n.d.-a). Jayasara Samaneri - Wisdom of the Masters. Samaner Jayasara on Youtube.


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