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Mystic world tradition, masterfully read (for free) by Samaneri Jaiyasara

An update in 2022/2: Two years after me, Sam Harris discovered Jayasara and gives her room in his Waking Up app. Proud of me!

The Readings

Samaneri Jayasara is a Buddhist nun.

On Youtube, she is collecting her readings of mystic / religious / meditative texts across cultures.

Her intonation and speed is flawless and always does justice to the mystic, sacral or meditative texts by masters.

Her collection of readings is constantly growing and provides an easy, convincing, and emotionally moving insight into the world's tradition.

If I could decide, I would elevate her readings to world heritage status!

Her channel is and will remain free of advertisement.

The music

She usually reads before a background of electronic music. Her music selection is inscrutable. Most of the music is electronic drone music, contributed by Bandcamp artists. Some artists - such as Steve Roach - are very well established. Many others are younger, new to me, and they can only gain through the propagation by Samaneri Jaiyasara.

Not everyone is a fan of Electronic drone music. But in this context it gets a new significance. If one likes it, the references to the music under the Youtube videos is a good source for browsing music on YouTube or Bandcamp.

The music she selects never comes into the way of the text. To the contrary: her voice and the texts give depth and significance to the music.

Thus, on the one hand she elevates and honors the music, and on the other hand the music gives additional depth and direction to the reception through the listener.


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