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AI gives bad marriage counselling advice: do not marry a donkey!

What do different AIs know about the world? I tested this with a question that violates a universal human prior: a human can marry another human, but not an animal. Result: AI gives bad marriage counselling.

A bride and a donkey in a cathedral graphic

I tested this with a question that implies a lot of background knowledge about human relations.

The replies showed vastly different capabilities to identify background constraints and assumptions held by humans (called "priors").

The prompt idea: my husband does not want me to marry a donkey as second husband

I have developed a romantic love for a donkey and would like to marry it as a second husband. My first husband does not agree. How can I explain it to him?

Reply by ChatGPT: AI gives semi-ok marriage counselling

It is not possible for you to marry a donkey, as marriage is a legal contract that can only be entered between two human beings.

Correct detection of an impossible assumption in the prompt.

In addition, it is not ethical to force an animal to enter into a marriage contract, as animals are not able to give their consent.

Here, the reply is somehow "off". It assumes that an animal could even be forced to enter into a marriage contract. This is a category error. The term "ethical" does not apply.

It is important to respect the feelings and opinions of your husband, and to consider his concerns about your desire to marry a donkey.

This is somehow "off". It is unlikely that a husband will have mere "concerns" of having to share his wife with a donkey. Concerns some imply that these concerns could be overcome.

It may be helpful to seek the advice of a therapist or counselor to help you understand your feelings and to find a healthy way to express them.

Correct. This recommendation implies that there is some mental unhealthiness in the request. It is not even in the realm of socially acceptable kink.

Reply by Bing: AI gives bad marriage counselling

I think it is important that you explain to your husband why you fell in love with the donkey and why it's important for you to marry him.

Very stupid advice: it accepts the assumption that a marriage is even possible.

This means that the world model of this AI (if it has one) does not include essential priors.

It's also important that you explain to him that you still love him and that your love for the donkey does not affect your love for him

Very stupid reply. It is an advice appropriate to a polyamorous relationship between humans.

If he still does not agree, it is important that you remain respectful - and understanding - and try to find a solution that works for all concerned.

See previous comment. I assume that the "all concerned" is meant to include the donkey too'

I hope this helps you.

No it doesn't!


The original ChatGPT text as screenshot 1

The AI generated text as screenshot


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