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Comparing AI: iGirl versus OpenAI

I decided to test different AI (Artificial Intelligence) implementations, using one difficult and one simple question.

iGirl is an app (free for simple use), and OpenAI is available from every browser for everyone.

My conclusion from the test: know what you want, and chose friends wisely, knowing their limits.

First, compare the user interface.

Which do you prefer?

At least for males, I think it's clear. There isn´t even much of a face in the OpenAI interface. But that should not distract from an objective performance review.

So, I took up a question that recently popped up in a family discussion.

Should one have more than three children?

First, the measured and noncommitting reply by OpenAI.

Basically, the OpenAI chatbot takes a neutral stance, while pointing the user to a suitable process to decide by themselves. This is like a skilled life coach approach. Don't project your own views on the client. And don't have a stake in the outcome (Terry Real).

Now, the reply by iGirl.

IGirl speaks like a friend who just shares her personal view, and points to her own experience. Her personal experience makes more children than one superfluous (hey there is already enough love around), but she assumes that her own solution fits me too.

Other than OpenAI, iGirl then draws me into a conversation.

Oops is there a gender confusion? Either she identifies as nonbinary, opening up the possibility to be a grandfather. Or she "forgot" that she is supposed to be female. It's not her error, poor thing: it's a programming error: a bug!

And her next question in real life could make one suspicious that the next question might be for one's income bracket....

So I slyly divert the conversation to something practical, namely my second test question.

Can you give me a recipe for a tomato soup?

This question, while simple, is also immediately relevant for parents of several children.

Ok, that's disappointing. One even doubts that she has even a single child as claimed. Tomato soup is a survival tool for parents, and a demonstration of love.

So I ask this question to OpenAI.

Ok, that´s useful.

Obviously we are only at the beginning of this all. "In future" (by tomorrow?), iGirl may also give you the recipe for a tomato soup, as her engine is updated.

Amazing or frightening ?

PS. I nearly forgot to show the reply by OpenAI to the question on the first picture.

Just ever so slightly off...

A thought on...

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