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Using the non-dual Daily Meditations - Sam Harris Daily Meditations 2022.09.30

This is just an extract of today's meditation. It concludes the session, and I include it here without comment, as it does not need one.

With any instruction I give for looking for the looker, looking for the seat of attention, looking for the center of experience, looking for the self looking for the mind, it's natural certainly in the beginning to find these instructions inscrutable, or paradoxical, or seemingly impossible, and therefore frustrating. But I can assure you, there is something to notice here. And as you get more familiar with the difference between getting lost in thought and paying clear attention to anything, the breath or sound or any other object of mindfulness, you will be better able to follow these instructions and notice that there is in fact nothing to find but the discovery feels like something. Your look for the center and it drops away and then there is only experience or only the world or only consciousness, however you want to think about it. But in that moment you are not thinking about it. And then your job is to recognize what happens next. In the beginning, these glimpses may be very brief. And then as you gain more stability, they can last for longer periods of time and become a much more obvious punctuation of, and counterpoint to ordinary dualistic experience and much more of a palpable relief and antidote to ordinary psychological suffering. But until that happens, all I can say is take these instructions as a pointer, but take them lightly and if you get frustrated just notice that and watch it pass away.


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