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Word clouds evolution - Sam Harris Daily Meditation

I am taking snapshots of the evolution of Sam Harris´ vocabulary in the Daily Meditations of the Waking Up application.

Unprocessed and processed (cleaned up) wordclouds

Occasionally I add completely unprocessed lists such as the following (20th September 2022), after 1 month. If one leaves out the particle "can" and "just" (as in "see if you can" and "just take your seat"), the most frequent ones are "notice" and "moment".

This is the somewhat processed word list, containing only significant words

This is the associated word list

wordcloud (3)
Download CSV • 965B

But usually I add processed ones. This is the processing

  • Converting plural to singular (e.g. appearances to appearance)

  • Excluding all occurrences of less than 10 instances of the word declutter)

  • Homogenising the roots (e.g. see, seeing, seen)

  • Remove semantically insignificant terms (e.g. "however"), "is" etc

Word cloud evolution

August 2022, August 2022, September 2022, September 2022, September 2022, September 2022

Word Cloud List

This is a raw wordcloud list covering 2 ca months (August and September 2022)s. Created using

Sam Harris Wordcloud 2022-09-21- 1910-1024
Download CSV • 15KB

It corresponds to this video


A thought on...

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