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Check your attitude - Sam Harris Daily Meditation 2022.12.14

Sam Harris

Take a moment to check your attitude here. Is there any sense in which you're waiting for something to happen or trying to improve your experience? So if you can, break that posture

This meditation somewhat forcefully ("check your attitude, man!") pushes for equanimity.

And that implies a non-judgemental attitude, or, it aims at going over to "One Taste" (here and here) where whatever appears has the same taste of freedom and liveliness (as Daniel P Brown would formulate it), as a further manifestation of mind.

Whether a mosquito bite or a grandiose idea, or a self-limiting belief : its all the same. And empty.

It´s the old Tibetan Buddhist pointing out instruction: don´t block anything, don´t make anything happen, in a different formulation.

Usually Sam Harris complements this kind of statement with the instruction to make any such feeling an object of meditation, thus creating a distance to it.


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