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Non-meditation - Sam Harris Daily Meditation 2022.12.12

Sam Harris

Notice whatever appears on its own without trying to correct anything, or modify it, or grasp it. Just do absolutely nothing.

This is a strong and simple formulation of the principle of "meditation of non-meditation".

Easier said than done...just give it a try, and you'll see that it's almost impossible.

Doing "absolutely nothing" is advanced skill, and even there it is conceded that often "a single thought" (namely, for example, the thought "do nothing“ ) is necessary to not think all other thoughts, to not pursue meditation strategies, and to not pursue specific states or outcomes.

To reach this relaxed position is an art, but it is a prerequisite to integrate meditation into everyday life at some point. Because then everyday life becomes a "meditation of non-meditation", in which the consciousness simply watches itself - without doing or pursuing anything specifically meditative. And is automatically less reactive. And thus does something good for the personal environment.

Shinzen Young calls it the "Do-Nothing Meditation" in an older video.


Shinzen Young Teachings ~ expandcontract. (2011, January 4). “Do Nothing” Meditation ~ Shinzen Young [Video]. YouTube.


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