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King of Samadhi - Sam Harris Daily Meditation 2022.09.30

Sam Harris

Feel your body resting in space

In a meditation retreat with Dustin diPerna of the "Pointing out the Great Way" foundation, he introduced what he called the "King of Samadhi" meditation. In essence, what he taught, was

  • taking the non-dual ocean view ("Be the ocean watching its own waves"),

  • from that point of view watching the breath

  • and, at the pause between out-breath and in-breath, "seeing" the body as a clear vase of light floating in space.

It wasn´t so much about "feeling the body resting in space" but "seeing the body floating in space".

So, I looked up eventually what is the "Kind of Samadhi" meditation

In fact, it is an entire treaty on non-duality. It is not simply the breath meditation .

This is a very short excerpt from a long text. It has wonderful descriptions of non-duality.


“There are no notions, there are no concepts, There is nothing to be grasped, there is nothing to be shown, And there is no object for the mind. Therefore it is called samādhi.

13.­6 “When in a state of meditation There is no pride concerning any phenomenon. That very absence of pride‍— That is what is called samādhi.

13.­7 “There does not exist even an atom of phenomena. That which is called ‘an atom’ does not exist. There are no phenomena as objects for the mind. Therefore it is called samādhi.

13.­8 “ ‘The mind has no object’ Is also itself a concept. When there are no concepts of phenomena, Then that is known as samādhi.

I don´t know why our short meditation was called "King of Samadhi" meditation. I could not find a reference to our meditation. But, so far I trust in Dustin diPerna that this makes sense.


84000: Translating the Words of the Buddha. (n.d.). The King of Samādhis Sūtra | 84000 Reading Room. 84000 Translating the Words of the Budda. Retrieved 30 September 2022, from


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