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No Problem - Sam Harris Daily Meditation 2022.09.07

Sam Harris

From the point of view of awareness itself, in this moment, is there any problem at all?

It´s a rhetorical question, and the reply is "No".

From the perspective or view of the pure awareness space, everything single mental event is nothing but an appearance in consciousness, or a modification of it.

There is just this:

  • Seeing,

  • hearing

  • tasting

  • smelling

  • touching

  • thinking

  • feeling.

Making something into a "problem" is just another thought, a concept, a layer of processing.

But that "Already Free" (title of a Bruce Tift book) state can only be perceived when one takes the perspective of awareness, and does not identify with whatever occurs in the mind.

If one does that,

There's no problem to solve, there are no knots to untie. There's just whatever is appearing by itself.

This is the "One Taste" perspective, it creates Equanimity.


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