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Mental health and purpose - Sam Harris Daily Meditation 2022.09.05

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In today´s meditation, Sam Harris combines two topics:

Sam Harris

Through meditation,

You're really trying to improve your mental health. So that you can be a better friend or parent. Or spouse.

But these short words point to what in Mahamudra/Dzogchen is the ultimate purpose of meditation, and the definition of "awakening" : the combination of wisdom (as insight how the mind works) and compassion.

There is no full realisation / awakening / enlightenment without having acquired a deep and genuine sense and motivation to serve others.

That is why Daniel P Brown uses the term "awareness-love" for the highest state of consciousness.

Wisdom and love are inseparable at the latest stage of what is called realisation, awakening, etc.

At one place, Sam Harris too talks about love, about an immense ocean of love. But he talks about it in the context of his psychedelic experience with a high dose of mushrooms.

Who cares whether it is meditation or psychedelics!


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