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Rupert Spira: 👺DEBUNKED AS HAVING PRIDE! 👿 A new performance challenge for "enlightened teachers"!

Ok, let´s be naughty...don´t take this as too serious!

Rupert Spira being shown as having price in his voice

There´s this new AI that can read emotions from the voice.

There are also some Facebook groups aiming at "debunking" the spiritual teacher Rupert Spira, for example "Rupert Spira is misleading people" .

Rupert Spira is a teacher in the non-dual tradition of spirituality. There are many dubious statements made in this tradition, when applied to psychology.

This is Rupert Spira, twice:

Now, there´s a lot of subjectivity around the assessment of whether someone is "real", or "genuine", "authentic", "realised" , or "enlightened". If that can be determined at all. Not taking into account that there is no agreement what "enlightened" is in the first place.

For example, some people - like me - simply don´t like what comes across as Rupert Spira´s tone of what I sensed as sanctimonious preaching.

Ok that is purely subjective, but...Now we can measure it!! How?

I played one of this short FB videos ("God reels you in") to the emotion-detecting AI What did Hume detect as Rupert Spira´s main voice components: determination, pride and concentration.

50% determination, 25% pride (!), and 23% concentration.

Shock horror! Rupert Spira has no ego, but 25% pride. How is this possible ?!?!? Furthermore, over the course of the short video, pride was pretty constant.

So, my impression of his sanctimonious preaching has been valided by AI as "pride". I was right!

Anyway, one should not throw stones when in the glasshouse. I am sure my voice - if I read this post - would give away a lot of pride! But then I am not a spiritual teacher, so it´s ok.


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