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Non-dual meditation: my favorite teaching instructions

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A non-dual view or perspective in meditation is a perceptual position where the usual "subject-object split" has been replaced by a unified field of awareness: "awareness showing awareness through itself by itself to itself" (in Daniel P Brown´s formulation).

Teaching metaphors and specific visualisations are an important training device to shift into such a view.

I notice that I return to a few meditations again and again:

  • The "Ocean and Wave" meditation, in particular in the rendering and languaging of the deceased Daniel P Brown. This is a metaphor based instruction.

  • A visual/breath meditation: Breathing in the visual scene, breathing out the Self into the world. This is a Sam Harris meditation. It is visualisation that uses the breath as an imagined "carrier medium".

Ocean and Wave (unification of consciousness and its content)

The meditator imaginatively becomes the ocean (awareness / consciousness / mind) watching its own waves (mental events such as sensations, emotions, thoughts). Detail here.

I find this teaching metaphor quite interesting for a few reasons:

Breathing in the world, breathing out the Self (mixing inner and outer)

the meditator imagines to breathe in the visual field, and to breathe out the Self. More detail here.

I like this meditation for the following reasons:

  • "it works" for me in partially reconstructing the non-dual "view" I suddenly became in an Ayahuasca ceremony.

  • It is a sophisticated extension of the traditional mixing instruction which lies at the root of Mahamudra: mixing space and awareness, inner and outer. It goes back to Tilopa.

  • It uses as well the visual sense and the kinesthetic sense of breathing, and requires constant switching between these two.


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