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Killing people, killing bees

About killing humans

Germany is supplying heavy weapons to Ukraine. Their purpose is to destroy Russian weapons and to kill and maim as many Russians as possible.

Germany, like other European countries is, as Timothy Garton Ash sais, "in some important sense at war"

But few people take notice: Ukraine has largely disappeared from the news cycle. It has become a background story, rarely even mentioned in discussions about rising energy prices and inflation.

About killing bees

Today, at my local bakery, I noticed a device that looked like a fan. I asked why it had the fancy light ring.

It was not a fan to cool the air. It was a device to attract and capture any wasp that strays into the bakery, seduced by the sugary smell.

The device doesn't kill the wasp. It is designed to attract and then stun the wasp. The stunned wasp falls into a small box at the bottom of the device.

Every two days or so, the drawer with stunned wasps is taken outside and emptied onto the ground, eg a patch of grass. The wasps come back to life and fly away.

Occasionally a lone bee visits the shop, maybe one or two per day. Unfortunately for the bee, after having been stung, unlike the wasps, the bee remains apparently lifeless forever.

A year ago someone brought a lawsuit on the baker for unnecessarily killing one or two bees per day.


Timothy Garton Ash


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