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Looking at something is perceived like directing a beam of energy

Here is something very strange: when we watch another person who looks at an object, AND if we think that person has their attention on the object, the motion processing parts of our brain automatically and unconsciously reacts as if that person emanated a beam of energy toward the object.

Obviously, this reaction must have to do with our own perception of what we do when we focus on something: direct mental energy towards it.

Vectors of Cognitive AI - Attention

"When you look at another person looking at an object, it turns out that intuitively, without knowing you are doing it, you can't help seeing that person as having a subtle beam of energy emanating out of his head toward the object . But it happens only if you think the person is attending to the object. if you think the person is uninterested or thinking of something else, the effect goes away.

What then happens observable in scanners,

You generate an emotion after effect in the space afterward indication some perception of motion from the person to the object . The motion processing parts of your brain rev a directionally specific way as though processing motion flowing out of people´s heads.


Bach, J., Graziano, M., Cohen, J., & Lal, V. (2022, February 23). Vectors of Cognitive AI: Self-Organization. YouTube. Retrieved 10 September 2022, from

Note: Attentional schema.

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