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Permanence or impermanence?

Christianity or Buddhism? What´s more to be recommended? Let´s look at the fotos below to decide.

The castle reminded me of a church song we had to sing when I was a child, and was terrorised into going to church every Sunday : "Ein feste Burg ist unser Gott" (our god is a strong castle). But, the permanent presence of god is not assured, as one sees below: even the idea of a castle as a solid, unchanging thing in itself did not withstand the forces of nature.

I guess the Buddhist version is more intelligent: "Everything that has the nature to arise will pass away". This is the Buddhist insight which is way more in line with science, and reduces suffering: if you don´t expect permanence, you will not be disappointed when something disappears, vanishes, is lost, transits, changes its nature, or dies.

Photos by me, December in Portugal


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