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AI Meditations: Smartphone rigpa mode


Invent a contemporary metaphor to let students experience rigpa directly


That is an interesting request. I will try to invent a contemporary metaphor for rigpa. Here is one possible metaphor:

Imagine that your mind is like a smartphone. It has many apps, functions, and features that you can use for various purposes. You can communicate, learn, play, work, and entertain yourself with your smartphone. However, sometimes your smartphone can also cause you problems. It can run out of battery, get infected by viruses, crash, freeze, or malfunction. It can also distract you from what is important, make you addicted, anxious, or unhappy.

Now, imagine that there is a hidden mode on your smartphone that you can access by pressing a secret combination of buttons. This mode is called rigpa mode. When you enter rigpa mode, your smartphone becomes very simple and clear. It only shows you a blank screen with a bright light. There are no apps, no functions, no features, no notifications, no messages, no calls, no sounds, no images, no videos, no texts, no icons, no buttons, no settings, nothing at all. Just a blank screen with a bright light.

This blank screen with a bright light is the true nature of your smartphone. It is the source of all its apps, functions, and features. It is also the source of all its problems. It is the pure and pristine awareness that is always present in your smartphone, but usually hidden by its complexity and activity. It is the rigpa of your smartphone.

When you enter rigpa mode on your smartphone, you experience a sense of peace, joy, and freedom. You are not bothered by any problems or distractions. You are not attached to or dependent on any apps or functions. You are not limited or defined by any features or settings. You are just aware of the blank screen with the bright light. You are just aware of rigpa.

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