The Self is just an appearance - Sam Harris Daily Meditation 2022.09.25

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Sam Harris

Everything, including the feeling of self, is just appearing

This is one of the most challenging meditative tasks: "seeing" the own Self arise in the same way that one "sees" sensations, thoughts etc.

It goes against everything, because in our normal perception the Self is the location/agent of seeing.

It is so difficult because it presupposes that one is able to "operate from" (Daniel P Brown) a non-dual view.

Furthermore, it presupposes a wide scope of the "sealing" skills (speed being the other).

In the POGW meditations, this is explicitly addressed by the pointing out instruction sequence for "emptiness of Self" meditation:

Step 1: "Evoke a sense of your usual Self and personality".

Step 2: "With your high speed awareness, try to locate this Self...."

Here, making the "sense of Self" an explicit object eases the following search operation.

In the same sense, seeing the Self arise as an event can be made easier by first getting a sense, an overall mental picture of this Self/Personality.

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