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Daniel P Brown - Concentration Training (Summary) for download

A summary text, giving a chapter-by-chapter overview of Daniel P Brown´s "Concentration Training" video course, published in1998. This text is a conceptual summary, not intended to or suited as training.

Picture of Daniel P Brown
Daniel P Brown, Concentration Training Course

The current version of the text is based almost entirely on the 1998 course. It may be updated from time to time, for example by adding material from the 2022 publication The Elephant Path

Dustin diPerna, the teacher designated by Dan Brown to continue his teaching line, offers or has offered a concentration training at Esalen called "The Stages of Tranquility". I assume it largely represents the 2.5 days of teaching at the Level 1 retreat.

This summary does not quote detailed pointing instructions in the meditations. In a footnote to the downloadable document, I give some details about the copyright issues involved.

The summary sections of the text were largely prepared by AI (Claude 3 Opus), using the superior summarizing features.

Example chapters

Course overview

1. Introduction to concentration

2. The skill of concentration

3. Directing and steering the mind


Sealing and nailing (added chapter)

Energy management and neurocircuitry of attention management


Version 1.2 2024.05.31 (updated with additional info from "Elephant Path"

Dan Brown - Concentration Training
Download EPUB • 3.84MB

Version 1.1 2024.05.27 (updated with a ref to A Khrid system)

Dan Brown - Concentration Training. (Summary)
Download EPUB • 3.84MB

Version 1.0

Daniel P Brown - Concentration Training (Summary)
Download EPUB • 3.84MB


Bissanti, M., Brown, D. P., & Pasari, J. (2022). The Elephant Path: Attention Development and Training in Children and Adolescents (2.). Mustang Bon Foundation.

Brown, D. P. & Mind Only. (2018). Concentration training [Videos and Audios]. Mind Only. Not published (to my knowledge)

A set of videos and audios from the 1990s, with 17 lectures on concentration training. Produced during the collaboration with Jock Gordon and "Mind Only".This course was most likely the course given to executives (it holds some examples which would only be relevant in this context). Much of the content of this course would be used in the 2.5 days of concentration training in the later Level 1 retreat that I attended. However, the content of the Level 1 retreat was condensed and included additional elements .

DiPerna, Dustin, The stages of tranquility (course), Esalen 2022


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